Monday, October 26, 2020
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Service Oriented Architectures – Two leading systems, MRDS and ROS, point to the future of robotics

A revolution is coming, and it is time to choose sides. Microsoft + .NET or Linux + Python. Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio (MRDS) and Robot Operating System (ROS) are the major contenders for service-based robotics libraries. The lines have been drawn, and whichever side you choose, you should be prepared for a new paradigm: distributed computing.

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CoroBots and Microsoft Robotics Studio at Vassar

Robot Spotlight CoroBots and Microsoft Robotics Studio at Vassar   CoroBots are broadly capable and expandible four-wheeled mobile robot platforms designed to minimize the cost and complexity of robotics research and development. When Robot learned that CoroBots and Microsoft Robotics Studio were in active use at …

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Basic Stamp Basics

An introduction to the exciting world of robot programming At the heart of many hobby robots lives a modern day success story, the BASIC Stamp microcontroller. This straightforward, fairly inexpensive unit has revolutionized the world of robotics since its introduction in 1992. The BASIC Stamp is …

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Is It Really A Robot?

The intertwined layers of electronic feedback and human spontaneity Most of the electromechanical devices I am fond of playing with are not robotic per se but rather are simply remote controlled machines. However, there are similarities in that mechanical devices that are remotely controlled may have everything necessary …

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Parallax – How An Experiment With Our Customers Grew Into A Niche Business

Parallax products are a standard tool on many hobbyist workbenches and in educational programs across the country. Their success started with a good core product (the BASIC Stamp microcontroller), but making it accessible to a wide customer base took thousands of hours of effort and some …

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