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NEWS: Coyote UAS Storm Observer 1st Test Flight

The Coyote unmanned aircraft system will fly into hurricanes and major storm fronts to gather meteorological data and measure wind conditions. It is parachute-dropped from a P-3 aircraft in a "sonobuoy" that opens in the air and releases the UAV to proceed on its mission. Read More »

NEWS: Chinese “Big Dog” Revealed


The Chinese military recently revealed their counterpart to the Boston Dynamics Big Dog "pack mule" quadruped robot designed to carry supplies over rough terrain, walking along with troops. Read More »

NEWS: Squirmy Robot Shakes off Any Abuse!


A rubbery robot with no skeleton moves through snow, mud and ice, and is impervious to fire and bounces back even if run over by a car! Read More »

NEWS: Vertical Take-Off and Landing Robot Advance!


New vertical take-off and landing aircraft UAV design developed by NASA is said to be 4X more efficient than conventional helicopters. The key is distributing the power across many small electric propulsion systems on the UAV. Read More »

NEWS: Clearpath Robotics Against “Killer Robots”

Clearpath A200 with sensors

Canadian-based robot company Clearpath is the world's first robotics firm to pledge not to make "Killer Robots." Read More »

NEWS: Robot Magazine Seeks Writers!


Share your special project or organization's initiatives in this highly respected publication, and add to your CV or resume. Read More »

NEWS: BotIr the Robot Butler

Botler robot butler

CNBC reports that " Botlr" the robot butler will be assisting Starwood hotel staff and attending to the needs of guests in a variety of ways. Botlr will be delivering toothpaste, newspapers and snacks to guest rooms, directing people to dining areas and generally helping out. Read More »


Jade Rabbit

China's space agency reports that the Jade Rabbit Lunar rover continues to operate and return scientific data months beyond its scheduled mission end, despite facing tough conditions with wild temperature changes. Read More »


7. newGA_Cockpit

At the recent July 2014 Farnborough International Air Show, General Atomics Aeronautical Systems (GA-ASI) announced a next generation remote cockpit for controlling UAVs remotely. Read More »


3. IMG_5862

Sea Perch is a tethered underwater robot vehicle that has been very successful in building enthusiasm for technology among young students. Founded by Susan Nelson, Sea Perch, in recent years, became an official program sponsored by the AUVSI. Read More »


2. 440_insight-MARS DRILLER

To develop information about the interior of Mars, the 2020 NASA Mars mission will include deployment of a stationary drill that will conduct experiments below the surface. Read More »


1. mars_2020_rover

NASA has unveiled plans for a new rover that will land on Mars in 2020. Based on the Curiosity rover’s design (now on Mars), it will include over half a dozen primary science experiments that will investigate resources for human habitation in later missions. Read More »

NEWS: Robot Restaurant, Tokyo, Japan, for an Unforgettable Dinner Experience

5. RobotRestaurant, Tokyo

It's not just the food that impresses at the Robot Restaurant! The Robot Restaurant in Tokyo, Japan, is sure to provide an unforgettable dinner experience, with unbelievable robotics action happening all around you. Read More »

NEWS: SupraPed “Transformer” Robots

4. supraped

Shu-Yun Chung is a postdoctoral researcher at Stanford University, and you won't believe how cool his latest supraped research is! One type of supraped is a humanoid that can morph into a quadraped by using poles similar to ski poles to augment stability during bipedal locomotion. Find out more by clicking here. Read More »

NEWS: 60 Foot Gundam Robot Planned for Tokyo!

A towering Gundam robot  will be built in Tokyo.

Gundam humanoid robot will tower over downtown Tokyo! The 60-foot robot originally conceived by Yoshiyuki Tomino in the "Mobile Suit Gundam" anime series in 1979 will soon be staring down at the citizens of Tokyo, and it will have some movement capabilities. Click here to learn more! Read More »