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An Interview with Matthew Westberry, Design Lead for Alabama Lunabotics


Tips and tricks from the team that performed the best across all categories in the 2012 NASA lunar regolith mining competition by Brian Nave Iowa State University Robotics Club Wall-E There was no shortage of exciting Lunabots in attendance at the 2012 competition but it appeared …

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An Interview with the President of Chibots


Check out these interviews with one of the most active roboticists in our community.

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DaVinci Minds, Partners, Adds VEX Robotics To Academic Classrooms


It was our pleasure, this issue, to catch up to Cliff Zintgraff, CEO of DaVinci Minds, Inc., to learn how his San Antonio, Texas based company is using VEX Robotics in core classroom curriculum to prepare students to become tomorrow’s innovators. DaVinci Minds offers products and services for middle schools, high schools, community colleges and universities in a broad array of programs that center on the intersection of technology, education and workforce development.

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The Meaning Of Artificial Life


A fascinating discussion has taken hold among Robot readers, writers, and editors. Beginning in the July/August issue, continuing with emails and the article “Intelligent Machines – Plausible or Fantasy?” in the November/December issue, a significant and growing train of thought emerges. Where does software end and biology begin? What is the difference between a “grown” machine and a “natural” one? Can Mary Shelley’s character, Dr. Frankenstein, ever emerge in reality by creating artificial life? Robot continues pursuing this topic by interviewing two prominent authorities in the field of computer science and human thought processes.

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Behind the scenes at TheRobotReport.com


Frank Tobe has done an outstanding job analyzing the business of robotics and our national standing in the growth of this technology. Please read this interview and consider sharing it with others who care about this important subject. The article will be posted online when the magazine is off-sale.

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Interview – CoroWare Robotics – Behind the Scenes


Exclusive Robot Interview CoroWare Robotics – Behind the Scenes We caught up with Lloyd Spencer, President and CEO of CoroWare, Jon Mandrell, CoroWare Managing Consultant, and Kami Noland, Marketing Coordinator, to find out more about CoroWare’s entry into the robotics marketplace and its business philosophy and …

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Mythbusters Test The Vex Robotic Design System


Jamie Hyneman, Grant Imahara and Adam Savage, cohosts of the popular MythBusters TV show on the Discovery Channel, have many years of experience designing animatronic robots used in commercials, science fiction movies and other popular media. This team also has broad experience in radio control and hobby robotics. We are proud to include their review of Radio Shack’s new VEXTM Robotics Design System in the inaugural issue of ROBOT. Visit www.botmag.com/issue1 for additional photos, a detailed, photo-rich “build report” by Grant Imahara and video clips of the MythBusters commenting on their VEX PackBot system.

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Inside the Ugobe Pleo


A new robot system patterned after nature thinks for itself ROBOT EXCLUSIVE!  Inside the Ugobe Pleo      “Organic Robot Life”                                                                      by Timothy D. Swietzer  tims@botmag.com The buzz has already begun about Pleo’s amazing ability torepresent an organic life form. Pleo is UGOBE’s first designer Life Form and is based on the Camarasaurus dinosaur. …

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Robots In The ICU


Robot enthusiast Dr. Michael D. Black is the Chief of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery and the Director of the Pediatric and Adult Congenital Heart Program at the California Pacific Medical Center. If a family has a premature infant with heart problems, Dr. Black is a specialist who …

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