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AUVSI Attendee Profile Tells a Story of Robotics

AUVSI Conf. Co. Breakdown Slide

Attendee representation at a recent AUVSI conference on UAS technology in Las Vegas suggests the dominance of commercial applications vs. military ones at this time.

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Nevada Unmanned Systems Business Expo


Las Vegas Convention Center September 11-12 Las Vegas, NV: The Nevada Unmanned Systems Business Expo will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, September 11-12. It will showcase the incredible opportunities available in commercial Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Drones), and give enthusiasts the tools and information …

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AUVSI 2012 Conference was Awesome


Over 500 robotics companies and thousands of robots made the 2012 AUVSI conference one of the most impressive trade shows I've ever been to.

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Robot Film Festival – 2011


It is always quite embarrassing, but these past several months, perhaps he has had good reason. Data started questioning his relationship with me, his programmer, because he was getting jealous of all the other robot videos that were flowing into my inbox for the Robot Film Festival. We announced the festival in early April (leaked via Bre Pettis on the Makerbot blog), and over the next few months received seventy-five short film submissions from a diverse background of creators.

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InnoRobo – 2011


Innorobo, the first European summit for service robots took place last March in Lyon, France. Visitors could enjoy seeing and playing with over 100 robots and new concepts. 30 of them were presented for the first time in Europe. Navigation and transportation, domestic, telepresence, education, edutainment and assistive robots made the show before an audience of 10,000 visitors.

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Achieve Commercial Success in Robotics at RoboBusiness Leadership Summit


Achieve Commercial Success in Robotics at RoboBusiness Leadership Summit, the executive-level conference dedicated to the commercial development and advancement of robotics. This limited-seating event is imperative for professionals and companies serious about the business of robotics taking place Nov 2-3, 2011.

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Growing An Industry – A National Priority

Robot magazine Editor-in-Chief Tom Atwood had the privilege of presenting at the Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Educators Conference on the current status of the robotics industry in the U.S., and the challenges we face to grow these markets, which include growing technologies that form the basis …

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Maker Faire 2006 Gallery


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