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The Team Is Busy At Lewis & Clark!


Lewis & Clark College Computer Science, Center for Entrepreneurship Portland, OR www.lclark.edu We’re developing a customized ServoCity Nomad and testing their Actobotics precision building system: a ball bearing- based system with a unique overlapping hole pattern to allow for virtually unlimited mounting possibilities. Look for that …

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DaVinci Minds, Partners, Adds VEX Robotics To Academic Classrooms


It was our pleasure, this issue, to catch up to Cliff Zintgraff, CEO of DaVinci Minds, Inc., to learn how his San Antonio, Texas based company is using VEX Robotics in core classroom curriculum to prepare students to become tomorrow’s innovators. DaVinci Minds offers products and services for middle schools, high schools, community colleges and universities in a broad array of programs that center on the intersection of technology, education and workforce development.

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Fostering Innovation through Robotics Exploration (FIRE)


Robot magazine interviewed key associates working at the Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy to get an update on FIRE programs now in development. Here’s a snapshot of work that is proceeding with respect to MultiRobots (collaborative swarmbots), RobotC expansion to include the Arduino controller and simulator software, Cognitive Tutor technology and what is coming in FIRE Virtual Worlds that will enable students to program and test robots online.

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Fostering Innovation through Robotics Exploration (FIRE)


Hundreds of thousands of students in the U.S. alone are involved in competitions and robotics programs each year, in and outside the classroom, and that number has doubled in recent years as educators and students have come to understand the magic of robotics. A new $8+ million dollar initiative launched by the Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy in concert with the School of Computer Science, the Robotics Institute, and others is likely to accelerate this growth profoundly.

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Benefiting Students & Teachers


The Indiana Robotics Educators Program Editor’s note: in our July-August “ Grassroots Robotics” column (issue no. 11), we reported on the expansion of robotics in high schools in Indiana. You can read that article, with additional material and pictures, at www.botmag.com. In programs spearheaded over three …

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Vex Growing Worldwide

The Lamar High School 2587A Disco Bots are thrilled by their victory at the 2008 VEX Houston regional. Left to right: mentors Andrew Lynch and Christina Lam, Hunil Cha, Josh Tiras, Paul Chaguine and Ben Scheiner. Team members not shown include Po Chao, Xavier Eldridge, Ellen Farber, Keila Fong, Keith Kei, Megan Ruthvon, Lalo Torres and Bianca Ybarra.

College Challenges Emerge—Community Thrives The Vex Robotics Competition is one of the fastest rising competitive robotics sector around the world, and is now open to college-level students who will be attending the second annual VEX Robotics World Championship to be held at the Dallas Convention Center …

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The Mars Exploration Rover Kit

RobotWinter 2005 EduBot Mars 01

A home robot project that turned into an educational robot kit This is an account of a home robot project built from very simple components that took on a life of its own. It was initially intended to be a bulldozer – but after the people …

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Popeye the Robotic Crab

RobotWinter 2005_EduBots_Popeye_00

A walking LEGO© MINDSTORMS with pneumatically-driven legs Creating a walking LEGO robotic crab is no easy task, but Carter Payne was up to it. A veteran of Tufts University’s Center for Engineering Educational Outreach’s Summer LEGO Program, Carter was well versed in building with LEGO MINDSTORMS …

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AmpFlow ESC A Versatile Plug & Play Solution

RobotWinter 2005_EduBot_Amp_03

The right motor controller may be your key to success David Keefe, a teacher at Ascension Collegiate high school in Bay Roberts, NL, Canada, describes a robot his student robotics team designed for an “X-Curling” competition. He explains why he chose and how his team used …

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Team Robotics

RobotWinter 2005 Edu Team 00

The Exciting World of Robot Competitions There is a trend afoot—the number of robotics hobbyists of all ages is rapidly growing. Some estimate that the number of students involved in robotics activities is expanding at 20% to 30% annually. Most parents openly encourage their young children …

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