Saturday, April 17, 2021
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Bot Projects

VEX EDR Project – Part I

From: VEX Robotics This is one of the very popular, main-stay, heavy duty robotic construction kits on the market. Steel construction components, nuts & bolts and heavy duty servo motors for locomotion. Fully RC and Autonomous out of the box after the initial build. The Cortex …

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Tetrix Prime Project – Part I

From: Pitsco Education This kit is one of the robot building platforms where few tools are needed. Aluminum construction beam components combined with composite joints and plastic rivets, brass axle bearing bushings, fully RC ready with a TETRIX 4-Channel transmitter and matching receiver and Servo Motors. …

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Tetrix Max Project – Part I

From: Pitsco Education This is one of the Heavy Duty robot building platforms. Aluminum construction components, brass axle bearing bushings, fully RC ready with a Futaba 4-Channel transmitter and matching receiver, motor controller and 12V – 152 RPM motors. The kit also comes complete with a …

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From: ROBOTIS What can I say about the ROBOTIS MINI? Easily one of the most enjoyable projects I have had to-date. The completed build, along with the varied control toolbox and pre-programmed movement files make this kit a must have for anyone interested in venturing into …

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Actobotics Nomad Project – Part I

From: ServoCity I received my Actobotics Nomad kit some time ago and built it right away. This is “The Beast On My Bench”. Since this platform is well suited for outdoor mobility I intend to make this one fully RC capable but with this one I …

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Actobotics Runt Rover™ Bogie Project – Part I

From: ServoCity Actobotics Runt Rover™ Bogie We recently got in two of these great 6WD kits from ServoCity. One of our most active Contributors, Carol Hazlett, has one of the Bogies (among other Runt Rover Kits she will review in later issues) and is working …

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