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Marine Robot Autonomy


by Mae L. Seto (Editor) Autonomy for Marine Robots provides a timely and insightful overview of intelligent autonomy in marine robots. A brief history of this emerging field is provided, along with a discussion of the challenges unique to the underwater environment and their impact on the level of intelligent autonomy required. Topics …

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Raspberry Pi for Beginners:


by, Matthew Oates Publication Date: February 11, 2015 How to get the most out of your raspberry pi, including raspberry pi basics, tips and tricks, raspberry pi projects, and more! The Raspberry Pi is a small computer that is affordable, fun, practical, and rapidly growing in popularity. It …

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Make: Getting Started with Arduino:


Make: Getting Started with Arduino: by Massimo Banzi, Michael Shiloh The Open Source Electronics Prototyping Platform Arduino is the hot open source prototyping platform for artists, hobbyists, students, and anyone who wants to create interactive physical environments. Getting Started with Arduino is co-authored by Arduino co-founder Massimo Banzi, and incorporates his experience in teaching, using, and creating Arduino. …

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Program Like A Pro


Modern programming techniques emphasize rapid development (quick time to market), high-level programming languages such as Java, C++, PHP and Perl, and layers of abstraction that isolate programmers from underlying computing hardware

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Build Winning FIRST Robots


FIRST Robots: Behind the Design by Vince Wilczynski and Stephanie Slezycki;  foreword by Dean Kamen; afterword by Woodie Flowers Rockport Publishers Design and build a 100-pound robot to play in a three-on-three game of hoops. Your robot must be robust enough to play in many rounds and take the abuse of collisions with other …

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Evolutionary Robotics


Now imagine if you could teach your robot what to do. Evolutionary Robotics seeks to present a method of doing just that. The book was published in 2000; a bit ahead of its time, but the then advanced concepts are now starting to become necessary in the mainstream. The book will challenge you to make a leap in thinking about how you build control programs for your robots.

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Robots As Potential Colleagues And Friends

Issue 5

LOVING THE MACHINE: The Art and Science of Japanese Robots by Timothy Hornyak Kodansha International, Ltd., First Edition, 2006 Author Timothy Hornyak, on the opening page of this wondrous and charming work, talks about his first encounters with robots in Japan. This is enthralling prose, and …

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Vehicles: Experiments In Synthetic Psychology


Author: James H. Phalen, MD From the September/October Issue of Robot Magazine by Valentino Braitenberg, The MIT Press, Cambridge, MA; available at www.amazon.com One benefit of robotics being such a young field is that most of the gods of the robot pantheon are still alive. But …

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Underwater Robotics: Science, Design & Fabrication


Author: Don Chanbers From the September/October Issue of Robot Magazine by Steven Moore, Harry Bohm and Vickie Jensen, © 2010 Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE) Center, www.marinetech.org When was the last time you picked up a textbook and just couldn’t put it down because it was …

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Become a Geek Dad!


My greatest joy in life is being a father, and in comparing how I grew up with how my father grew up, there is no doubt that I lived the birth of the tech-savvy generation.

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Programming And Customizing The Multicore Propeller Microcontroller


Author: Harry Mueller From Robot Magazine Issue 28 – May/June 2011 by Shane Avery, Chip Gracey, Vern Graner, Martin Hebel, Joshua Hintze, André LaMothe, Andy Lindsay, Jeff Martin and Hanno Sander, Parallax, Inc.; © 2010 McGraw-Hill, available at www.parallax.com and www.amazon.com As hobbyists and students, we …

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