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BONUS CONTENT: Hammerhead Underwater Rover Prototype


This prototype amphibious rover was created by RC Driver editor David Baker for an RC Truck special issue (a sister Maplegate publication). The article contains interesting setup techniques, and tips and tricks that we wanted to share with readers of Robot. If you are considering a similar project, this article, published in our July-August 2014 issue, will speed your success! ... Read More »

BONUS CONTENT: Robotics Summer Camps Part II

2. summercamp01

DIY and MAKE movements are growing rapidly and much of this activity is being used in summer camps like those at the University of Dallas (UT Dallas). This summer high school students will be building a solar car, developing multirotor robots and putting sensors and processors into model rockets. In this feature story in the July-August 2014 issue, Dr. Kenneth ... Read More »



Today we are seeing fantastic and even startling developments in the field of educational robotics. Emerging programs and competitions are directed at elementary, high school and college-level students and at hobbyists of all ages. The J-Bot is a great platform for the hobbyist or student. It is an autonomous wheeled vehicle equipped with the Arduino Romeo control board and an ... Read More »

BONUS CONTENT: No Bonus Content In This Month’s Issue

Please check out the bonus content from our other issues for exciting online content. Read More »

BONUS CONTENT: Saudi Arabia At The Vex Worlds

Bonus Content Coming Soon! Read More »

BONUS CONTENT: Robots In 1950’s Sci-Fi Movies

Bonus Content Coming Soon! Read More »

BONUS CONTENT: 2013 VEX Robotics World Championship Preview


This approximately one minute film shows an action-packed sequence in a game of Sack Attack at the 2013 VEX Robotics World Championship. The event was hosted by the Robotics Education Foundation, www.roboticseducation.org, and was held April 17-20 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California. The object of the game is to have your team alliance robots stack as many ... Read More »

BONUS CONTENT: Building Out And Testing The Hovis Eco


In the July-August 2013 issue of Robot, page 66, we published Part 2 of a series on building and programming the Hovis Eco humanoid from Dongbu Robotics. Check out this video to see the Hovis perform some basic maneuvers. In Part 3, (next issue ) we will detail the programming using FlowStone, IK and will discuss additional sensors like gyros ... Read More »

BONUS CONTENT: DJI Phantom Flight Tested In An Obstacle Course

3. IMG_1367

To see the versatility of the DJI Phantom in flight, please scroll about 40% into this 17-minute compilation of multirotor flights (filmed by Tom Atwood at the recent 2013 Multirotor Challenge held at the Palomar RC Flyers Field in San Diego, CA). Jim Bonnardel is the pilot.  For additional coverage of the event… see the July/August Issue of Robot Magazine. ... Read More »

BONUS CONTENT: Multirotors Compete at the 2013 Multirotor Challenge


The recent 2013 Multirotor Challenge held at the Palomar RC Flyers field in Fallbrook, CT) was an exciting event with more multirotors gathered in one place than ever before. The event was the subject of a feature story starting on page 32 of the July-August 2013 issue of Robot Magazine (video by Tom Atwood). Losi Quad in heavy lift competition ... Read More »

BONUS CONTENT: Pointers And Data Structures In ROBOTC


This LEGO NXT robot has been programmed in RobotC in a project by Xander Soldaat (with assistance from Timothy Friez and John Watson of the Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy) as detailed in a feature story on page 59 of the May – June 2013 Issue of Robot magazine. To see the source code, and for an option to download four ... Read More »

BONUS CONTENT: Flowstone Workshop 10

FlowStone Workshop 10

Humanoid Demonstration Videos! These demonstration films show the capabilities of various humanoid robots. These robots that can now be programmed with modular Flowstone software. For more details on humanoid programming using Flowstone, please see “How to really program a humanoid robot, Part 1”, in the May-June 2013 Issue of Robot magazine. Read More »

BONUS CONTENT: “Block” – Building Details

A. Ted & Bot LARGE Opener

Block robot diagrams and schematics. These reference materials describe the wiring and circuits of the Block robot that was published in the May-Jun 2013 Issue of Robot Magazine. This material was referenced in the magazine article and will be supplemented with additional photos on this web page by May 1. Thanks for your interest and patience, and please return to ... Read More »