Thursday, June 24, 2021
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Build a Rain Notifier with Grove Pi+

rain notifier
The Rain Notifier. If it’s glowing red bring your umbrella, if blue, you’ll have blue skies. (Photo credit: Dexter Industries)

You don’t need a weather forecaster to know if you need your umbrella.  With the GrovePi+ Starter Kit you can build your own “Rain Notifier” to alert you with a red glowing LED if you need to remember your umbrella or a blue LED if you’re going to have blue skies. You won’t have to check your phone or watch — just look at the light on your way out the door.

GrovePi is an electronics board that you can connect to hundreds of different sensors, so you can program them to monitor, control, and automate devices in your life. The GrovePi+ is compatible with the Raspberry Pi Model B+ and the Raspberry Pi2.

The GrovePi+ Starter kit comes with

  • WiFi dongle
  • Power supply for the Pi
  • Ethernet cable in case your WiFi is not already set up on your Pi
  • GrovePi board
  • GrovePi-ready SD card
  • One or two Grove LED (they suggest red and blue, but the choice of color is up to you).
  • GrovePi case (highly recommended for this project but not strictly necessary)
  • Raspberry Pi 2
  • Custom software so you an get up and running quickly
  • What’s not included, but required? A computer or a monitor, mouse, and keyboard.

The GrovePi+ Starter Kit is recommended for ages 12+, available at Dexter Industries website for $179.99.