Sunday, August 1, 2021
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Build a Hexapod!


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Lynxmotion has been described by some as “the biggest little robot company.” One of the amazing things happening at Lynxmotion is their emerging “Servo-Erector Set” product line. Founder Jim Frye and his loyal customer base have, in a matter of months, created a new series of mobile robot animals based upon the technology first developed in Japan for the “Robo- One” category of humanoid robots. The new designs include spiders, insects and millipedes made up of digital servos motivated by Lynxmotion’s special servo controllers. And you can put one of the robot arms Lynxmotion has developed on any of these critters. In a toast to beer fans, Lynxmotion illustrates one way to achieve what might be considered the “holy grail” among certain roboticists – a robot and handtruck that can fetch you a beer. As Jim says, “keep on building those robots!”