Friday, July 30, 2021
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Blue Ocean’s New Industrial Mini-Picker

The Mini-Picker bin picking solution. (Photo courtesy Blue Ocean Robotics)


Blue Ocean Robotics, a leading provider of emerging robots and automation solutions, recently announced the release of a standard solution for 3D bin picking of small industrial parts. The Mini-Picker bin picking solution is available with the Universal Robots UR5 collaborative robot, a robot that leads the industry in Return on Investment (ROI) and ease of deployment and re-deployment as production needs change. The system is well-suited for machine loading of small parts. Automating the loading and unloading of machines results in increased production rates and increased machine utilization, and Overall Equipment Effectiveness  (OEE). The system will be available with additional robot brands to cover a wider range of parts soon.

The UR5. Easy to program, fast setup, collaborative and safe, with one of the fastest payback times in the industry. (Photo credit: Universal Robots)

Tim DeRosett, co-founder and CEO of Blue Ocean Robotics, LLC writes, “We are pleased to announce the release of the Mini-Picker solution. The core technology is based on work from world leading bin-picking company Scape Technologies with over twenty-five systems running in production, many of them in the automotive industry. This system greatly reduces the complexity and cost of deploying robots for industrial bin-picking applications.”

Also based in Denmark, Scape Technologies is the first company worldwide to have developed a standardized bin-picking system, enabling a robot to see, find, and grip components placed in bins. Odense, Denmark is considered Europe’s gateway to robotics. In fact, there is actually an organized collective called Odense Robotics. This collaboration encompasses more than 70 robotics/automation companies, 30 universities, 10 research institutes, and over 1,800 jobs. An environment like this enables each player to contribute to one another’s growth, strengthening the industry as a whole. Odense is rapidly becoming a major business hub for robotics, not only in Denmark, but for all of Europe.

Denmark’s Blue Ocean is a fascinating venture. Founded in 2013, they have rapidly grown to have key robotic partners around the world, including Turkey, Dubai, Spain, Poland, the Netherlands, Mexico, Hong Kong, Belgium, Malaysia, and the U.S. All companies in the group are founded as joint-ventures between the headquarter in Denmark and local partners, and all companies operate in a franchise-like way under the same brand name, applying the same business model and overall strategies, providing a shared portfolio of robotic solutions to customers, and applying the same product development methodology.

Their concept is to  invest resources and capital into the exponentially growing robotics industry at-large through a carefully selected portfolio of robotic projects. They incubate and take lead of the projects where they develop robotic products, commercialize and introduce the robots to the markets, and when the timing is right, they sell, license, or spin-out the IPR, robots and related business assets to new subsidiaries or their own affiliated startup enterprises (through equity/shares), or to existing companies in the market. After successful sell, license, and spin-out Blue Ocean Robotics remains a closely interconnected strategic partner, enabling synergies and leveraging from commercialization, international sales, and development of the next generation robots. Thus, in short, the mission is to be a creator of emerging robotic solutions, enterprises, and markets.

The company is already a leading provider of emerging robotic solutions and services “to improve quality of life, working environments, and productivity for humans.”