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2015 Holiday Gift Guide


We are pleased to bring you our all new 2015 Robot Magazine Holiday Gift Gude. This Guide identifies some of the hottest new products on the market, and it covers a broad range of robotics parts and pieces, including both hardware and software.

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Pbl Robots – Robot Card Game


If you think that robot action is confined to labs and battle arenas... think again. Professional Bionics League (PBL) ROBOTS is a strategy dice & card game where you control a giant robot and try to blast away your competition.

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Hpi Bullet Mt Flux – Part II


This one has been great fun! We spent a lot of time pushing the driving capabilities of this vehicle to see what it can do. In a general sense… it’s too fast for some robotics applications as-is but has great potential so we got started. First, …

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PCSEdventures Riq Robotic Kit – Commercial Version


Unleash the power of this robot kit which has wireless control and programming for beginning through advanced users. The RiQ kit includes everything you need to create six exciting robot builds as you learn the basics of robotics and programming.

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The Sprk Program & The Sphero Sprk Edition From Orbotix


SPRK began as a local meetup group where the folks from Sphero/Orbotix taught kids how to program Sphero. After a year, they launched “The SPRK Program” to provide lessons to teachers and students never imagining that the program would have such an impact.

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VEX IQ Super Kit Project I


From: Vex Robotics This is the fully functional, sensored-up for the younger crowd. Out of the box it comes with complete RC control via the Vex IQ Microcontroller/Brain and wireless controller. The fully appointed kit build yields the Vex IQ version of the Clawbot but is …

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TETRIX Max Project – Part III


From: Pitsco Education Pitsco Education TETRIX Robotics TETRIX MAX Robotics With the TETRIX Autonomous Mounting Deck placed in the last phase, it was easy to attach the Arduino UNO Microcontroller, from Robotshop.com, in preparation for the addition of microcontrolled RC capability as well as the addition …

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Actobotics Nomad Project – Part III


From: ServoCity Servo City Actobotics Nomad Onward with the Nomad! Much like the Bogie project, the Nomad is following the same development path. The nice thing about the Nomad is that it can navigate outside, over different terrain very eas- ily. So… we had power and …

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Actobotics Runt Rover™ Bogie Project – Part III


From: ServoCity www.servocity.com Actobotics Runt Rover™ Bogie Development of The Bogie continues!   Now that we had power and RC capabilities, it was time to start bringing this little unit into a more robot- ic form. First, we added an Arduino UNO microcontroller from Robotshop.com, in …

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Actobotics Nomad Project – Part II


From: ServoCity Servo City Actobotics Nomad “The Beast On My Bench”   This is pure pleasure to drive around the yard. Almost nothing stops it. Great power, great agility, long battery times so far.     Project Plan: Full RC (an ultimately autonomous as well) rover …

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Vexplorer Project – Part II


From: The Robot Magazine Shelves & VEX Robotics Ok… This is a “Make Something Out Of What’s Laying Around” sort of thing. In this case, we had a quite old Vexplorer robot which had missing and broken parts. We also had an older VEX PIC Micro-controller …

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VEX EDR Project – Part II


From: VEX Robotics VEX Robotics VEX EDR Platform Ok… this one is really fun to drive!  It looks so tough cruising around and sounds even better! Project Plan: This kit comes as what VEX Robotics calls a “Clawbot”. Having built one Clawbot from scratch and having …

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Tetrix Prime Project – Part II


From: Pitsco Education Pitsco Education TETRIX Robotics TETRIX PRIME Robotics The next step was supposed to be to add the microcontroller and advanced mechanisms.  Well… I got to part of that.  I decided, with this one (as well as the TETRIX MAX Project) that the first …

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