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An Easy to Animate, Six Legged Robot

Learn about robotics with this easy to assemble hexapod. (Photo credit: EZ-Robot.)
Learn about robotics with this easy to assemble hexapod. (Photo credit: EZ-Robot.)

Meet Six, the hexapod from EZ-Robot. Six can balance on three legs and walk with four, which leaves the other legs free to push buttons, manipulate objects, or reach out for new footing. An camera in the head of the bot can identify QR codes, and track colors, motion, and faces.

Six is made from parts that can clip together in a variety of ways, making the robot easy to customize. But in the standard configuration, Six has six legs and twelve degrees of freedom.

Like all EZ-Robots, Six is can be easily animated. Simply move the robot into the positions of your choice to program the animation. The robot can also be controlled using apps that are available for Android and iOS, or by creating your own app using EZ-Builder Robot Software.

Six can be purchased online from EZ-Robot for $399.99.




  1. I have used EZ-Robot products for about a year and just completed a school year taching a STEM class using their products. These products are amazing and allow anyone to program a robot to do advanced functions. I would highly recommend using these products if you are interested in robotics. There is an active community of users who are very willing to answer any questions, and an extensive set of online tutorials that will help get you started.

  2. EZ Robot is the best kept secret in robotics ….. Best thing in robotics in the last 20 years…. Where else can you get a robot to recognize speech, colour, objects, face and much, much more…etc all for $399…. Not to mention they have made it so simple even a Cave man can do it…. (-; So do you want your robot to follow a line or follow your voice?

  3. I have always had a fascination with robotics ever since I was a kid and I had always dreamt of going to school for robotic and computer programming, I even went into robotics my sophomore year in high school but unfortunely by the time I enrolled in the classes, they had already been filled, but life don’t always go as planned, it was only but a year ago that I heard about ez-robot through doing research on a robotis darwin when I stumbled apound Ez-robots website and when I seen the things that dj sure was doing with his company, I knew right away that I had to be apart of this awsome new revolution in robotics and now with the ez-b and and the ez-builder software I can learn all the programs and lessons that I would have learned college by just a click of a button, and the ez- robot community has also been a great experience as well, there are so many members have joined and are still joining every day, every one in the community is so helpful with any and every question that you may have on how to get started and there are so many tutorials to help jump start your robotics project that its not even funny, I love Ez-robot and I am glad to have joint the Ez-robot Revolution and I would recommend any one out there who is interested in robotics to give them a try, becuase once you join the revolution, you will never want to stop learning, all you dreams will come try at the click of a button. The future is here and Ez-robot will be the leader in robotics and the future of robotists will never be the same. Join the Ez-robot team today! Go Ez-robot!

  4. Here is a video of “Wilber” my Lego ‘Segway’ robot. It was controlled by a hand held IR controller and would move as commanded (while staying balanced) but that was all it would do. Actually, that is quite a bit for a robot with only 2 motors and 1 gyro sensor.

    I added an EZ Robot EZ-B4 controller, an EZRobot head, and an EZ Robot ping sensor. With simple scripting I was able to make “EZ Wilber do all you see in the video.

  5. EZ-Robot is a game changer when it comes to building robots. So many features come packed and ready to run the software like vision and speech recognition but the real power is in how surprisingly open the software is to interface with and how powerfully the built in script editor is. EZ-Robot lets you build the robot of your dreams and more “easily”, no doubt about it!

  6. I come from an R/C background and always wanted to build a robot but also wanted to try something a little different from radio control. I discovered EZ-Robot and was instantly impressed. I have been using the products and soft/hardware platforms for nearly a year now, I can safely say that this is a great product and company. EZ-Robot gives the ability to jump straight in with no prior knowledge of robotics or computer programming, and start small with essentially a plug ‘n’ play method by using their Revolution robots, or if you have knowledge or experience in the field, you can make your own custom made robots.

    I’m part of the former, with a small amount of electrical knowledge and slightly above average computer skills, but I jumped in at the deep end and built my own K-9 robot from scratch using the EZ-Robot platform. The whole thing was a learning curve, but in a good way. There’s plenty of help and tutorials along with examples to help get you going, and a very active community forum full of other friendly customers/members from all walks of life who are willing to help, with response time so fast you can have your questions or issues resolved in under an hour, sometimes within a few minutes. Why spend thousands of you hard earned money on buying a robot that can walk and dance, when you can pay a lot less for an EZ-Robot, and along with their free software platform, have it do so much more.

    So whether you are an experienced robot builder, or if you are just starting out with no prior knowledge, and you want to buy or build a robot capable of recognising human speech, objects, colours and faces, as well as reading multiple selections of sensors such as temperature, GPS, compass, gas, ultrasonic, and passive infrared sensor arrays and have the ability to control your robots servos, lights, motors while it speaks to you telling you jokes, news articles, weather reports ect, then look no further. EZ-Robot is exactly what you need, and trust me on this, once you’re bitten by the EZ-Robot bug, you’ll never look back. To see what somebody with no robot building experience can do with the EZ-Robot platform… check out two of my robot project videos below.

  7. I was lucky enough to get one of the first Six robots dispatched (probably the first in the UK) and from day one it was simple to use, easy to assemble and even easier to program. Since then, which is over 12 months ago now, the software (EZ-Builder) has been improved numerous times with more features added. My video (link at end of post) was programmed using just the EZ-Script controls however now there are controls which will automatically animate the robot for you and even sync movements with music.

    EZ-Robot have created an amazing “brain”, the V3 which I started with was powerful but the newer V4 is mind blowing. If your robot can hold an on board PC or tablet (or if one is near), EZ-Robot is the way to go.

  8. I’ve just started with EZ Robot today, but i’m very impressed so far.

    My Roli Rover is a big hit with the kids, and i had it up and running in less than 10 mins from parts.

    Amazing stuff!

  9. I have the Six, in fact, it’s the only EZ-Robot I have. At first it may seem hard, but then it gets more easier and easier. You can even make it talk if you watch enough videos to learn about how to do it.

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