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Amazing Robotis Initiatives!

Author: Lem Fugitt



The DARwin MINI. The MINI is smaller than the original DARwin-OP humanoid and is designed to be simple to build and operate.
The DARWIN-MINI. The DARWIN-MINI is smaller than the original DARWIN-OP humanoid and is designed to be simple to build and operate.

DARWIN-MINI. Lem Fugitt, longstanding Robot contributor and founding blogger at, reports that the exciting DARWIN-MINI humanoid robot, released at the recent Bay Area Maker Faire, and initially sold by the MakerShed, , will be available from a large number of additional distributors and sources by the time our September-October 2014 issue is available.

ROBOTIS STEAM CUP 2014. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics. This initiative helps develop participants’ creative and problem solving skills, as well as teamwork and social skills. It is meant for all ages, whether you are a child or a grown-up. ROBOTIS is generously offering an estimated $10,000U.S. by the end of the year in prizes and gear via monthly online competitions.

Aaron Park, Director, at Robotis, Inc., setting up demonstration DARwin MINIs at the Maker Faire.
Aaron Park, Director, at ROBOTIS, Inc., setting up demonstration DARWIN-MINIs at the Maker Faire.

At the time of this report, a total of $450 was slated for June, with approximately 1200 very interesting entries that you can view on the Gallery page at the SteamCup website. It is easy to enter! For details please visit: mid=steamcup_news_eng&document_srl=85002.

The Robotis DARwin-OP at the Maker Faire. Photo by Lem Fugitt.
The ROBOTIS DARWIN-OP at the Maker Faire. Photo by Lem Fugitt.

Trossen Robotics Jimmy Humanoid Uses Robotis Servos. Jimmy, an impressive new large scale humanoid designed and built by Trossen Robotics uses Robotis servos. The Jimmy Initiative is from Intel and additional participating companies are expected. The servos are compatible with this robot across the ROBOTIS servo price range. This means there will be a high end R&D Jimmy for approximately $16,000U.S., a middle range version available for $1,600U.S. (or less), and a low end version available for under $700U.S. (or perhaps even lower). Stay tuned for more details on these initiatives in Robot magazine, including a full, detailed report on Jimmy by Lem Fugitt.

Our thanks to Lem Fugitt for providing the information on which this report is based. For further details on these initiatives, please visit