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ServoCity Releases Actobotics X-Rail

ServoCity’s Actobotics Building System: Dream. Design. Build. Repeat. (Photos: ServoCity)

Servocity’s latest Actobotics components have just hit the market and they really compliment and expand the already extensive building system. Actobotics® is a cutting-edge ball bearing-based precision building system. The unique overlapping hole patterns allow for virtually unlimited mounting possibilities, and the precision components offer structures with tight tolerances and low friction. The intuitive design makes building easy for both the experienced engineer and novice hobbyist. The line is vast and continues to expand at a rapid pace.


X-Rail: The “X” profile provides a slot in the center of each of the sides to capture the mounts in order to solidly fasten various components. The 1/4″ bore is convenient for locating an axle in a rotating assembly, routing wires, cables, or hoses through or could even be tapped (5/16-18 tap size). Around the 1/4″ bore is the .770″ Actobotics pattern with the proper hole-diameter  (.1065″) to accept a 6-32 tap so you can fasten channel, plates, and brackets to the ends with ease.  Also, drill guides are formed into each of the sides on center and on the “flats” containing the .770″ hub pattern so if you need to drill, your bit won’t wander.  This creates an extremely smooth slide system when combined with their roller brackets. X-Rail is available in three lengths,  24″/ 36″ / 48″ for $5.99 to $11.99.


X-Rail Roller Brackets: Designed for use with their ball bearing delrin v-wheels, aluminum standoffs and X-Rail.  Mount to your v-wheels and create smooth linear motion! X-Rail roller brackets are packaged in pairs for $9.99/pair.




X-Rail Mounts: The X-Rail Mounts allow you to integrate the X-Rail extrusion with the Actobotics building system. The mounts will self-align when an Actobotics component is attached using 6-32 screws. Parts will be securely held in place, since the mounts sit just below the top surface of the X-Rail, causing the mount and the attaching part to sandwich the extrusion. Dual mounts have the .770″ pattern as well as the side of the 1.5″ hub pattern (measuring 1.0607″), and one hole right in the center. The single mounts can be spread to any desired distance and can also be used in pairs to fasten items no matter how far the attaching holes are spaced apart. The mounts are machined from 6061 T6 aluminum for excellent strength and durability. X-Rail mounts are packaged in pairs for $2.99/pair.

Actobotics and all accessories and parts are available from ServoCity at