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4-H Junk Drawer Robotics Kit Fires Up Imaginations

4-H’s “Junk Drawer Robotics” Starter Robotics Kit has everything needed for up to 10 kids. You just supply the imagination! (Photo credit: 4-H)

The national 4-H program titled “4-H Robotics: Engineering for Today and Tomorrow,” helps students build an understanding of basic science concepts related to robotics. The Junk Drawer Robotics curriculum engages youth, ages 10 through 13, in understanding scientific concepts and processes, the engineering design process cycle, and technology creation and building. Junk Drawer Robotics provides these experiences by working with household items to complete simple design challenges. These robotics activities emphasize science, engineering and technology process skills, cross-age instruction (teens-as-teachers), the experiential learning cycle, and small group learning. Activities are designed to be led by an adult or teen facilitator following the experiential learning cycle and promoting inquiry.

This starter kit contains the hands-on materials needed to complete Level One of the Junk Drawer Robotics curriculum (ages 8 and up, grades 4-12). The kit includes basic materials as well as the not-so-common materials needed to complete each activity.

Materials include, but are not limited to: balloons, table tennis balls, squeeze bottles, plastic canvas sheet, clips, clothespins, craft sticks, straws, syringes, skewers, airline tubing, 100 washers, paper clips, chop sticks, assorted binder clips, brass fasteners, paint stirrers, assorted paper clips, rubber bands, bamboo skewers, hollow sticks, 250 colored sipping straws, and more.

If you don’t have a handy, overflowing junk drawer, you can save hours of shopping and purchase a ready-to-use kit! ¬†This materials kit is designed to accommodate a group of ten. ¬†Curriculum books must be purchased separately.

You can buy the starter kit on Amazon for $399 plus $19.95 shipping.