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Root Robot Aims to Grow With Students

A new robot designed to teach students to code has exceeded it’s $250,000 goal on Kickstarter. Scheduled to start shipping in May of 2017, Root aims to grow with its users, enabling students to move from one level of coding ability to the next. The makers …

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DARPA Creating Industry/Government Group for Safe Operation of Space Robotics

(Source: Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency; issued Nov 29, 2016) Recent technological advances have made the longstanding dream of on-orbit robotic servicing of satellites a near-term possibility. The potential advantages of that unprecedented capability are enormous. Instead of designing their satellites to accommodate the harsh reality …

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RoMeLa’s BALLU Stands Tall – All The Time

The Robotics and Mechanisms Laboratory, RoMeLa, at UCLA, recently shared a video on YouTube of BALLU, a Buoyancy Assisted Lightweight Legged Unit that takes an interesting approach to a problem common to many bi-pedal bots, staying upright. BALLU solves this problem so well, it’s actually incapable …

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