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Actuonix Micro PQ21-R Servo for RC and Arduino

The team at Actuonix Motion Devices, located in Victoria, B.C. have been helping electronics and robotics builders by providing micro motion components to consumers and commercial manufacturers since 2005. They design and manufacture their own line of linear servos and micro DC linear actuators for placement …

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Yogi Robot Explores Yellowstone Lake

Earlier this year, Robot magazine introduced readers to the Kickstarter project initiated by the Global Foundation for Ocean Exploration (GFOE) to build a robotic underwater exploration vehicle to explore the fascinating geothermal environment beneath the surface of Yellowstone Lake in Yellowstone National Park. We were pleased …

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Man Feels With Robotic Fingers in DARPA Breakthrough

To adequately mimic the function of a human hand and arm, a robotic prosthetic must interface with the wearer’s nervous system in a way that enables the wearer both to control the arm through brain commands and to receive sensory feedback from the limb. DARPA-funded research …

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These Robotic Grippers Have A Soft Touch

Did a robot pack your groceries? The day may not be far off when you’ll be able to answer that question with a yes – or maybe you’d rather just say, “affirmative.” That’s one of the goals engineers at Cambridge, Massachusetts based Soft Robotics seek to …

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X1 Nano – Multi-chemistry Battery Charging Unit

Plug in and Charge! Hitec’s X1 Nano is the economical battery charging companion for all hobbyists. Simply plug in the AC power cord to a standard 100-240 volt outlet and you are ready to successfully charge all popular battery chemistries in a snap.

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