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Pololu’s Tracked Robot Kit with LCD and Sensors

Build a line follower, an obstacle avoider, or a Sumo robot with this kit from Pololu. (Photo credit: Pololu.)

The Zumo 32U4 robot from Pololu is built around an Arduino-compatible ATmega32U4 MCU. Motor drivers, an LCD, quadrature encoders, line sensors, side and front proximity sensors, and a full IMU are all part of the kit. In fact, the kit includes all the parts you need …

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Stanford Students Build Robots to Shoot Hoops

This robot expanded to reveal flaps that blocked other robots from sinking baskets. (Photo credit: Stanford University.)

Stanford University students recently competed in their own mechatronic sporting event, with 34 robots collecting tennis balls and shooting them into hoops. The small, tabletop arena was divided into two sides: one per robot. Each team could earn one point for shooting the ball into the …

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Animatronics Made Easy with the SparkFun Servo Trigger

Control servos with ease by adjusting the three potentiometers. (Photo credit: SparkFun.)

The SparkFun Servo Trigger is perfect for those applications where you’d like a hobby servo to move from one position to another — at exactly the same speed each time — but you don’t want to program the behavior. Instead of controlling the movement with code, …

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Make Your Robot More Interactive with the MUX Shield II

The Mux Shield II from Mayhew Labs lets you hook up 48 more inputs or outputs to your Arduino project. (Photo credit: Arduino.)

Expand your robot’s ability to interact with the world with the MUX Shield II by Mayhew Labs. The shield, which will work with an Arduino or Arduino Mega, adds capacity for 48 inputs or outputs. To get the job done, the board uses three Texas Instruments …

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BionicANTs Show off Festo’s Robotics Prowess

Festo's BionicANTs use piezo technology to walk. (Photo credit: Festo.)

A new swarm of robots created by Festo aims to combine autonomous behavior and teamwork, using cutting-edge engineering processes. The BionicANTs use radio signals to communicate with each other, so that they can carry objects together. From a programming perspective, Festo’s multi-agent system is interesting because …

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RoboUniverse Conference & Expo Global Tradeshow Series


RoboUniverse is a three-day conference and expo that explores the incredible field of robotics, including their development, application, and use. Through a series of seminars, tutorials, and exhibits, attendees will gain insight into robotics and learn about the educational, business, and technical opportunities within this growing …

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Get Ready For The IMA Conference on the Mathematics of Robotics – September 9 – 11


The IMA Conference on the Mathematics of Robotics aims to bring together researchers working on all areas of robotics which have a signi?cant Mathematical content. The idea is to highlight the Mathematical depth and sophistication of techniques applicable to Robotics and to foster cooperation between researchers …

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15th Annual Central Illinois Bot Brawl on April 11th – Will You Be Ready?


Come see one of the United States’ longest-running robotic combat competitions, now in its 15th year! See the metallic carnage of the RC Combat Arena or the displays of brute strength in the Sumo Ring! Watch some of the fastest robots in Illinois fly around the line …

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It’s Coming – National Robotics Week April 4-12

Robotics Week

Are you ready for National Robotics Week 2015? The sixth annual National Robotics Week event will be held April 4-12, 2015. RoboWeek 2014 was amazing and 2015 promises to be even better! Activities can be small, large, and everything in between. The Purpose of National Robotics …

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Can a Robot Guide Fire Fighters with Vibrating Reigns?

The robot, which leads a human using vibrations sent along reigns, has already been tested in a smoke filled cave. (Photo credit: Sheffield Hallam University.)

Researchers at King’s College London and Sheffield Hallam University are working on a guidance robot for firefighters in dense smoke. The fire fighter would hold reigns attached to the robot, while walking about a meter behind the bot. Vibrations in the reigns would impart data on …

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Build Your Own Lizard Robot

The Kingii Dragon Robot from OWI is modeled after the chalamydosaurus kingii lizard. (Photo credit: Robotikits Direct.)

The Kingii Dragon Robot from OWI is modeled after the frilled lizards of Australia, with colorful neck frills and a long, green tail. The robot features a two-mode, infrared sensor. Set to the escape mode, Kingii will act shocked when it detects something in its path, …

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Robots Used to Test Theory of Snake Movement

This snake robot, which measures two inches in diameter, was used to test theories on how real snakes move. (Photo credit: Carnegie Mellon University.)

In a new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences researchers report that they successfully tested their hypothesis on snake movement using robots made at Carnegie Mellon University. The researchers hypothesized that sidewinding snakes move using vertical and horizontal body waves that …

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Nao Co-Writer Teaches Handwriting by Feigning Ignorance

A new research project seeks to help students struggling with handwriting by empowering them to teach a Nao robot. (Photo credit: EPFL.)

Children struggling with handwriting might one day benefit from a research project involving the Nao robot. The Nao Co-Writer interacts with the child using a tablet. First the child makes the word using magnetic letters. Next, the robot writes the word on the tablet — but somewhat badly. …

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