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EasyC Version 5 Released for VEX IQ

Intelitek has released a new version of Easy C for Vex IQ. Photo courtesy of Intelitek.

Intelitek has released a new version of EasyC for the VEX IQ platform. The company says EasyC 5.0 offers the same features that EasyC users have grown to love in previous releases, including the drag and drop interface, straightforward programming menus and easy-to-use function blocks. “This update also features …

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Print Your Own OddBot

Oddbot can be made using just about any 3D printer. Photo credit: Olaf Diegel.

Print your own bot with a little help from design engineer Olaf Diegel. Normally, Diegel spends his time making specialty guitars. But he was inspired to build a bot using his 3D printer, and share all of what he learned. The open-source robot features mecanum wheels, which let …

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Energy-Efficient Turtle Robot Nears Completion

The Robot Turtle Team: Bhuneshwar Prasad, S K Panda and Abhra Roy Chowdhury. Photo courtesy of the National University of Singapore.

Researchers at the University of Singapore are putting the final touches on a robot that can dive vertically — like a real turtle — just by using its front and hind limb gait movements. “Our turtle robot does not use a ballast system which is commonly used …

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Pimoroni Skywriter HAT 3D Gesture Sensor

Detect finger movements with the Pimoroni Skywriter HAT 3D Gesture Sensor. Photo courtesy of Pimoroni.

Give your Raspberry Pi robot the power of gesture recognition with the Pimoroni Skywriter HAT 3D gesture sensor. The electrical field sensor works with Raspberry Pi A+ or B+ boards to detect the movement of fingers hovering above. With full Python API you can read off the positional data …

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Learn How to Build Robot Parts in Solidworks

During the Solidworks 101 course, participants learn about CAD by designing parts for AMPY the robot, above. Photo courtesy of Solidworks 101.

If you’ve always wanted to design your own robot parts but don’t know much about CAD software, a new course by industrial designer Adam O’Hern will get your up to speed. The online course, called Solidworks 101, is designed to teach beginners how to use the software for real-world applications. Ultimately, participants …

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Need More Sketch Space? Get the Arduino ISP

Burn your bootloader with the Arduino ISP. Photo courtesy of Arduino.

Have a hefty script that simply won’t fit on your Arduino? With the Arduino ISP you can get rid the bootloader on any Arduino AVR-based boards and use the space the bootloader normally takes up. Simply upload a sketch with the external programmer and the boot loader is removed, leaving …

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FAA Releases Rules for Flying UAVs

The Know Before You Fly campaign aims to educate folks new to drones about flight regulations. Photo credit:

If you were lucky enough to get an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) as a gift this year, then you’ll need to know the new rules for unmanned flight. In a nutshell, users will want to keep their flying bots below 400 feet and in sight at all times. …

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Santa’s Robot Elf Stuffs a Stocking

Two robotic arms work together to stuff a stocking full of candy -- a task that's harder than it seems. Photo courtesy of the University of Bielefeld.

A new Christmas-themed robot video from the University of Bielefeld’s Center of Excellence Cognitive Interaction Institute is both entertaining and enlightening. The video shows a pair of robotic arms slowly stuffing a stocking, while the lyrics of the Christmas carol outline the challenges engineers face getting robots to perform …

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Stick Insect Robot Explores Different Model for Locomotion

Hector the robot has special elastic drives that make him ideal for exploring animal locomotion. Photo courtesy of Bielefeld University.

Researchers at Bielefeld University in Germany are working on a unique robot modeled after a stick insect, with elastic joint drives. Known as Hector, the robot was built by the the school’s Biomechatronics research group so that biologists and roboticists can test hypotheses about animal locomotion. “The way …

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A More Powerful Brain for Lego Robots

Make your Lego robots more powerful with the EVB. Photo courtesy of FatCatLab.

Looking for a smarter brain for your Lego robot? Check out the EVB: A a replacement for the EV3 that acts as a shield, or cape, for the BeagleBone Black and is compatible with all Lego sensors. In fact, with the extra sensor board in the EVB …

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Expand Your Sensing Capabilities with a Vernier Shield

Sparkfun's Vernier Interface Shield makes it easy to connect multiple sensors made by Vernier Software and Technology. Photo courtesy of Sparkfun.

Imagine moving beyond the basic light, ultrasonic, infrared and touch sensors to really explore your environment. Now you can easily connect all of the sensors made by Vernier Software & Technology to your Arduino project, with the Vernier Interface Shield from SparkFun. Vernier has been making …

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A Nimbler Mind-Controlled Robotic Hand

This is an image showing one of four new hand movements from the 10D control of the robotic arm. Photo courtesy of Journal of Neural Engineering/IOP Publishing.

The quadriplegic woman who can control a robotic arm by thinking about the action, can now perform far more complicated movements. According to the researchers at the University of Pittsburgh involved in the study, the woman has gone from giving high fives, to giving the thumbs …

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Meet RiQ, A New Bot For STEM Education

RiQ the robot features a variety of sensors and an easy to use, drag-and-drop programming environment. Photo courtesy of PCS Edventures Lab.

STEM enthusiasts, rejoice! There’s a new bot designed for kids nine and up! The wheeled robot, called RiQ, uses durable fischertechnik components made of nylon and steel. With ultrasonic, infrared, light, and touch sensors, this new bot can perform of range of tricks. For example, kids can program …

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