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2013 Holiday Gift Guide

What special gifts will best please the roboticist in your family or among your friends? Check out the following when considering holiday gifts this joyous season! Orion Robotics  (800) 535-916 Universal Robot Feedback Arm Orion’s 6-DOF robot arm has a long reach in its class, and at …

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Getting Started With Raspberry Pi

by Matt Richardson and Sean Wallace. The Raspberry Pi (RPi is a common abbreviation) can be a tricky board to get working properly. Finding the right resources to help you get a clear understanding of the many powerful features can be difficult. “Getting Started with Raspberry …

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Famous Robots And Cyborgs

by Dan Roberts Author Dan Roberts narrates the history, strengths, weaknesses and foibles of all kinds of robots that have populated our literature and appeared on the silver screen. Packed full of trivia, history, controversy and colorful accounts of the robots that have emerged in American culture, this …

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Multiagent Systems – Second Edition

by Gerhard Weiss This academic work covers basic concepts of “computational agency” from the perspective of both individual agents and agent organizations. A scholarly work, the discussion delves into communication among agents, logical systems and game theory, and it includes exercises to help the student master …

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Flowstone Workshop 11 – Part 1

Servo Erector Set - Part 1

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Python For Kids

A Playful Introduction to Programming by Jason R. Briggs Python is a powerful, expressive language that is easy to learn compared to others, and it is fun to use. This volume brings Python to life as you create monsters, secret agents, thieving ravens and much more. …

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