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Revolution 19

When the robots designed to fight our wars abandon the battlefields and turn their weapons upon mankind, humanity is enslaved and those not under the rule of robots live hidden in the wilderness. This is the terrain “Revolution 19,”

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Android Angels

Gen Manga’s Android Angels explores HRI Manga-style Wouldn’t it be great to live with the perfect woman or perfect man in android form? However, there is one catch: After four years the android’s memory would be erased and you would both need to move on.

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The Engine

Looking for a dark alternate reality Soviet-era robot hero in graphic novel form? Check out Madefire’s “The Engine,” created by Liam Sharp and Christina McCormack. Madefire is a new graphic novel company that is creating interactive “motion books.”

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The Secret Life Of Droids

No other group of robots have inspired and intrigued builders, programmers and developers more than the droids of the Star Wars Universe. The publishers at DK have released their latest book on them, called “The Secret Life of Droids,”

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vN: The First Machine Dynasty

Amy Peterson is hungry. She’s been on a diet for as long as she can remember. Her parents want her to grow more human like. Even though it seems as if she is a normal kid, Amy Peterson is no ordinary kid. She is a von Neuman self replicating humanoid robot with a humanoid mother and a human father.

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Flowstone Workshop 10 Part 2

How To Really Program A Humanoid Robot - Part 2

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