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A Super Rover For Planet Earth

Undoubtedly two of the most admired robots on this planet, or any other, are the Mars Rovers Opportunity and Spirit. Primarily telepresence robots, the Mars Rovers are rugged six wheel machines that remotely execute instructions wirelessly received from Earth. They truly are the ultimate in "outdoor" robots.

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Arduino Autonomous Upgrade Module for MINDS-i 4×4 Robot 3-in-1 Kit

In the last issue of Robot, on our letters page, we introduced the MINDS-i Arduino-powered Autonomous Upgrade Module, which is a tray-like module that you easily attach to the popular 4x4 Robot 3-in-1 base kit chassis. The standard 4x4 Robot Kit enables you to build one of three configurations, including leaf spring, four-link, and an independent suspension chassis. Add this new module to any one of these base configurations and you have an autonomous vehicle that is able to self-navigate and avoid obstacles.

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Robot Ethics

Edited by Patrick Lin, Keith Abney and George A. Bekey his volume contains thought provoking essays and scholarly discussion of how society and ethics may change as a result of emerging robotics technologies. Topics range from the possibility of programming ethics into robots to the ethical …

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The Master Switch

by Tim Wu “Smartphones are turning into robots…” This is a wonderful book if you are interested in the history of information technology, and it includes a well-articulated history of the internet—the origin of its protocols, the growth of the world wide web and where we may …

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The Robotics Primer

by Maja Mataric As I page through Robot magazine and marvel at the advances being made at pioneering universities, I’ve often wished I could take off from my day job and study at one of them. What would it be like to sit in on “Introduction …

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Flowstone Workshop 4

Behold The xBugBot: A hacked, wireless, autonomous xBox controller!

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