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Achieve Commercial Success in Robotics at RoboBusiness Leadership Summit

Achieve Commercial Success in Robotics at RoboBusiness Leadership Summit, the executive-level conference dedicated to the commercial development and advancement of robotics. This limited-seating event is imperative for professionals and companies serious about the business of robotics taking place Nov 2-3, 2011.

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Korea to eliminate textbooks in classrooms by 2015 in favor of tablets.

South Korea’s ministry of education recently announced plans to remove printed textbooks from Korea’s schools by the year 2015. Called “Smart Education”, the plan calls for the creation of a dedicated cloud network – which will host digital copies of the students’ required reading and lessons – that can be accessed through “any” Internet-connected device, which will be provided to students’ families if they are unable to afford them.

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Taking the Plunge

  Sometimes you just have to go for it. My son, Derek, turned 10 on June 26 and so our family (including my wife, Linda, and our 5 year old daughter,  Ashley), happily trekked to Legoland here in San Diego county to celebrate his birthday. The …

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Bot Ballet!

The beauty and grace of dance mingles with the technological charm of robotics. The robot, “Millennia,” was provided courtesy of Robert M. Doornick, CEO of Robotics International, a philanthropic and humanistic company that brings joy to the lives of kids.

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