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The Evolution Of A Roboticist – Mark Tilden

He is a standout not only for what he has accomplished in the world of robotics but for who he is. Not content with turning the robot world on its head by establishing a brand-new school of thought known as ”BEAM” robots (derived from “Biology, Electronics, Aesthetics, and Mechanics,” see the July-August Robot , page 78), Tilden has since gone on to succeed in academic circles, build robots for the US military’s Los Alamos Labs and for NASA’s space program. And, get this—he can even lay claim to stupendous commercial success with his robots—with 22 million sold and counting!

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I look forward to offering opinions and thoughts in this blog on some of the most interesting technologies in the exploding robotics arena--and to reading your comments, which we really welcome.

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THE RISE AND FALL OF UNIMATION, INC. – Story of robotics innovation & triumph that changed the world!

In the spring of 1951 the Korean War was in full swing, and I was sure I would be drafted. I saw no point in interviewing for employment, despite my newly awarded degree in physics from the University of Connecticut. When I heard about a starting position for a physicist at Manning, Maxwell and Moore (MM&M) in Bridgeport, Conn., I figured I had nothing to lose and made an appointment. A young engineer, sporting a bowtie, by the name of Joseph Engelberger, interviewed me—he hired me on the spot. Little did I suspect that this decision sealed my fate, as our association would change manufacturing the world over. Nor could I know that with his combination of entrepreneurship, marketing, and natural affinity for promotion he would become the “Father of Robotics.”

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