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Robotics Summer Camps 2010

There are a growing number of summer camps springing up around the nation that teach robotics on an entry level. These are educational venues where young hobbyists can learn the basics and get the chance to assemble robots ranging in complexity from entry level kits to more advanced projects that embody early levels of “professional tool chains” used by programmers who have moved beyond BASIC.

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Boilerplate – History’s Mechanical Marvel

When you first behold this fine coffee-table book, part of your mind will wonder why you have never heard of “Boilerplate”— the very first fully functional humanoid robot? He is shown above with his inventor, Professor Archibald Balthazar Campion, in an 1893 photo.

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Vexplorer Gallery

Click here for a look at early VEX history--the precursor to the popular VEX Clawbot.

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