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Robotics Meets New Age DIY

ROBOT NEWS This technology celebration and family picnic takes experimenting with modern technology to new heights with mods, special DIY projects and visionary hacker developmental work. Parallax, Robot Society of America, FIRST VEX, FIRST LEGO, Botball, the Robot Fighting League and other robotics groups and companies …

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Robotis Bioloid “Edutainment” Robot Kits

ROBOT EXCLUSIVE Robotis  Bioloid”Edutainment” Robot Kits VIDEOS ARE AVAILABLE IN WINDOWSxxMEDIA VIDEO FORMAT, 1500KBPSRobotis Bioloid Puppy Video (19.2MB)Robotis Bioloid Walking Droid Video (23MB) ROBOT Magazine recently took a close look at two Robotis Bioloid educational / hobby kits.  These were announced at the Consumer Electronics Show and created quite a stir owing to their …

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Robots In The ICU

Robot enthusiast Dr. Michael D. Black is the Chief of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery and the Director of the Pediatric and Adult Congenital Heart Program at the California Pacific Medical Center. If a family has a premature infant with heart problems, Dr. Black is a specialist who …

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New Bot Receiver for Spektrum DX6!

Failsafe Mode Drives All Channels to Preprogrammed Positions Spektrum has announced a specially-programmed receiver configured for combat robots in all classes. Spektrum’s BR6000 receiver is designed for robot and special application usage where it’s desirable to have the failsafe drive all channels to a preprogrammed position …

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