Friday, July 30, 2021
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New 2-Channel RoboClaw ST 2X45A


MC45A_ST_1 (1)
Ion Motion Control’s new two-channel RoboClaw ST 2X45A motor controller. (Photo credit: Ion Motion Control)

California-based ION MOTION CONTROL has launched their newest motion controller, the new two channel RoboClaw ST 2X45A. This is a compact motor controller rated at 45 amps continuous with up to 60 amps per channel peak. It includes a 3 amp user power switching regulator (BEC), with a maximum operating voltage of 36VDC. A multi-mode interface allows it to work with R/C radio, Arduino, Rasberri Pi, and more. No level shifting is required to work with 3.3V or 5V devices. It includes built in thermal, over current, plus over and under voltage protections. Limit switches, home switches, quadrature encoders, absolute encoders and potentiometers are just some of the external sensors supported.

RoboClaw includes a free downloaded setup and configuration application making setup quick and easy. Ion Motion Control has developed many proprietary technologies incorporated into their motor controllers. These key technologies guarantee reliable and safe operation even in the harshest environments. All Ion products are built with wide margins and are not rated to their maximum possible operating condition, ensuring trouble-free operation. 

The new RoboClaw ST 2X45A is available online for $169.95 from Ion Motion Control at