Friday, July 30, 2021
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Summer Fun with New Kits and Gadgets

Simple and fun. The 4-Soldering Zoo Kit. (Photo credit: DFRobot)

Long summer days are here, and DFRobot has come up with new kits and gadgets to provide kids with some summer fun. Here are two of their offerings:

First is the 4-Soldering Zoo Animal Kit, a cute and clever DIY kit suitable for home projects, classrooms, and workshops. This DIY soldering kit contains everything needed to create simple circuits with minimum level electronics and soldering. Kids will be introduced to basic circuit and soldering skills while working with LEDs in order to bring the adorable zoo animals to life. This kit comes with six well-designed PCB animals and colorful scenery, soft light RGB LEDs with nice transitions, and up to 48 hours of battery life. Available online from DFRobot for only $16.90.

“Shake” Expressive little 8*8 LED Matrix (Photo: DFRobot)
Too shy to confess? This little beating heart might just help you out. Express yourself with this portable, magic LED matrix. This tiny display has 64 red LEDs packed into an 8*8 dot matrix. It has integrated ATmega32u4 as MCU and has a built-in onboard shock sensor, so it will display your pre-programmed image when the module is shaken. It also comes with a 140mah Lipo battery, which can last for up to four hours of displaying. It is perfect for displaying image/text or creating exciting patterns, and is portable and convenient to use. Of course, you can program it via IDE or via Mind+ graphically. With just a few easy steps, you are ready to impress!  Available online from DFRobot for only $16.55.
For more easy and affordable ideas, check out DFRobot’s New Product Roundup at